Code of Ethics Policy

Code of Ethics Policy

This Code of Ethics Policy sets out how the OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Group, employees, OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Dealerships/Shareholders and their employees, and suppliers to the OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Group are expected to operate.

This framework is put together to facilitate decisions that are consistent with OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT’s values, business goals, and legal and policy obligations. OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT’s expectation is that all engagement partners and employees abide by these standards.

OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Dealerships, as outlined in our OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Dealership License Agreement, and our Suppliers as agreed in our Supplier Terms of Trade Agreements, all work to common business ethics and formally as part of their respective agreements agree to operate within the OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT “Code of Ethics Policy”

This Policy is approved by the OFFICE PRODUCTS DEPOT Board.

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